Blockchain as a decentralised IoT network

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Measure and store the truth in

an immutable and trusted way

Integrated part of Unova traceability solution
Measure each individual product’s surroundings
Cold chain quality assurance
Track movement and condition of goods as they are transported through the end to end supply chain
Stand alone IoT & Blockchain solution
  • Measure and store in a trusted way 
  • For government institutions
  • Other industries

Devices we offer

Designed to be secure, transparent, highly resistant to outages, auditable, and efficient.





Any other type of condition

Integrated solution

Allow consumers to see the condition of the product from production
till consumption.

Integrated in our SAAS analytics solution for companies in the chain.

No more Blackbox
  • Know all details with regard to a product your supplier delivers
  • Guarantee quality to your customer
  • Directly increase margins and revenues
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