Supply Chains

Unova is a complete enterprise solution that connects your internal system with blockchain technology to measure and record information about every corner of your supply chain.

API Docs

Core concepts

Unova provides a holistic data model that enables the frictionless onboarding of real world supply chain entities, the measurement of their attributes, and the tracking of related logistical events. You can use our connector API to create unique digital identities of items you want to track and analyze along the way.

This identity and  history will be stored permanently and immutably on the blockchain.


A digital entity for any physical conceptual element in your supply chain. Depending on the industry it can be a cow, box of apples, an apple, a piece of meat, a lasagna, a lot, batch or box etc…

Every asset has a UniqueId that is crypto secured.


Record any relevant and time-stamped information that happened to one or multiple assets. Examples are transports, observations, quality controls medicines administered etc…

All events must contain the name of the event, uniqueId, location, (street & number, zipcode & city) and any additional data field. Events are associated with an asset.


Every request via our custom API, such as creating or reading assets or events must be cryptographically authenticated. Every application or device talking to Unova needs an account, with corresponding private and public keys to verify the identity.

Every request to the blockchain network needs to be signed using the private key, which is matched by the blockchain to the entity’s public key, in order to be approved by the system.

Key Features

Secure by Design

We implement industry-leading tradecraft and proprietary expertise in blockchain and cryptographic technologies to ensure the highest level of security and trust. All transactions are immutable and can be audited at the click of a mouse.

Private and Public Data

Not all data needs to be publicly visible. Some data will be stored locally which only your private key can access.
Our hybrid solution enables you to finely tune which data is public to anyone or shared only with your most trusted partners and customers.


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